They always seem to know what they are doing. This is good since most Taurus star sign people love to be in control. The average Taurus personality isn't very fond of change, but of course, change happens to everyone. This might be why a Taurus person would want to look up their 2018 horoscope predictions anyway, ...
The planet of luck and support, Jupiter, spends most of the year comfortably moving through your relationship sector, Taurus. See what this. Partnership dreams are on track to become reality for you in 2018. The year. Get your own 1-Year Astrology Forecast now for a year's worth of predictions that are just for YOU!

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Taurus 2018 Horoscope – Taurus 2018 Yearly Horoscope Prediction

Taurus Horoscope 2018 | Predictions 2018 | Astrology 2018. There would be much peace and freedom for action in the lives of Taurus people this year. The climate would be quite ripe to rest and relax for you guys. As Pluto transits the house of Capricorn you would feel much lighter from a physical and mental point of view.
Here's what the stars have in store for career and relationships for Taurus in 2018, according to an astrologer.

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Taurus Horoscope 2018 - How 2018 will unfold for Taurus Natives? Know it all with your Taurus 2018 Horoscope predictions.
WOW ! Taurus 2018 Horoscope is here ! Astrologer with 20 years experience exposes how the year 2018 is expected to be for Taurus.

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2018 horoscope: Love and money predictions for Taurus | Life | Life & Style |

Taurus horoscope 2018 shows bird's-eye view of year ahead. Check out 2018 predictions for zodiac sign Bull as per astrological principles.
TAURUS horoscope for 2018 looks fruitful with a promising few months for love at the beginning of the year. Russell Grant has your love and money predictions for the next year.

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2018 Taurus Horoscope - 2018 Horoscope for Love, Career, Money and Finance

Are you ready for the new year? Here is your yearly Taurus 2018 monthly horoscope! Find out what the stars have in store for you in the new year!
Taurus Horoscope 2018 - Get your detailed yearly Taurus 2018 Predictions for career, love, business, finance, education and marriage astrology online at

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Taurus 2018 Horoscope by

There is one big thing for you: Change! That means you'll have to get out of your comfort zone. This is where the magic happens. New Job, new love, new child? Something is going to happen, says Virginia Bell.
2018 prediction. The independent but good-hearted Taurus. Taurus, the horoscope for 2018 predicts that critical determinant will be how well your life can be framed. But this of course does not mean that your existence is like a painting, a romantic idyll. It is often the exact opposite – a meeting with your mother-in-law may.

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Taurus 2018 Horoscope: Your Astrology Forecast for the Year

There is one big thing for you: Change!
This is where the magic happens.
New Job, new love, new child?
Something is going to happen, says Virginia Bell.
Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and wealth, Taurus is the most sensual and physical of the signs.
You are earthy and grounded yet possess a natural grace and a quiet strength.
Uranus has been in fiery Aries since 2010.
On May 15 Uranus enters Taurus!
Aries is a sign that loves the unknown; Taurus abhors it.
This year catapults you out of your snug comfort zone and hurls you into a whole new arena.
Uranus will slip back into Aries on November 6, and then reenters Taurus March 6, 2019 for seven years!
Those of you born in early Taurus April 21- 24 will feel this aspect the strongest this year but all Bulls will get a preview.
Your desire for freedom can be strong and you may break with convention and pursue your own path.
You could get a divorce, find true love, change your career, start a family, or become fiercely political.
Career and finance Just to spice things up, aggressive Mars enters rebellious Aquarius and the area of your professional life on May 16 the day after Uranus enters Taurus.
Mars turns up the volume on your energy and your ambition but free-spirited Aquarius is ruled by Uranus so you may find yourself speaking up more, challenging people, or deciding to go freelance.
Mars will visit your career zone May 16-August 12 and again September 10—November 15.
Mars goes retrograde moving backwards in your career zone June 26 through August 28.
Professional projects and relationships taurus 2018 predictions were going along smoothly may develop problems, slow down or end.
Mars makes a challenging aspect to impulsive Uranus May 16 and August 1; sudden changes may happen.
Saturn joined Here in sober Capricorn December 20, 2017.
Saturn rules Capricorn so it thrives in this disciplined sign.
Like Taurus, Capricorn is an earth sign so you will have the support to you succeed in any continue reading you choose.
Wise teachers and mentors come into your life to guide you.
Relationships and romance Now for the best news of all!
Jupiter, the blessing giver, will be in Scorpio until November 8, 2018.
Wherever we have Jupiter is where we have good fortune and you, dear friend, have Jupiter in your zone of love and marriage!
This is like winning the astrological taurus 2018 predictions lottery!
More people will be coming into your life to support, guide, and adore you.
You and your partner may want to make it official.
Your ruler Venus visits Taurus from March 30 until April 23 making this one of the most romantic and creative times of the year although Mercury is retrograde March 22 — April 15.
You may reconnect with an old love or work on a stalled project.
Venus taurus 2018 predictions Capricorn December 25, 2017 — January 17 is a super romantic time; circle 3, 8, 9, and 16.
Venus travels through Virgo July 9 - August 6 another delicious time, especially July 12, 13, and 22.
Your ruler, Venus, turns retrograde in Scorpio October 5-November 16.
Venus retrograde periods offer us a chance to look deeply and honestly at our relationships.
It falls in your wealth area so it could bring up issues around money and self-worth.
Eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising are essential.
Yoga and Pilates are both excellent since they are also calming.
Having massages and healing treatments such as Reiki are helpful.
So is meditating and spending time in nature.
The January new moon in Capricorn is a fantastic time to start a new food or exercise program.
The Libra new moon October 8 falls in your wellness zone; treat yourself to a spa visit or beauty treatment.
Home and Family: August and September are family times.
August 19, 22, and 25 are great days to hit the road and take your family or partner on a fabulous vacation.
The August 11 solar eclipse falls in your domestic zone opening the way for some healing around family issues.
Travel With Saturn and Pluto Capricorn in your zone of travel and education you may taurus 2018 predictions for work or study abroad.
This year it comes with added bolt of cosmic lightening Uranus enters Taurus the same day!
What is calling you Taurus?
The Virgo new moon September 9 initiates a highly creative and social time.
September 9-16 you are golden.
Dear Taurus, Your superpower is your patience, steadiness and loyalty and when you combine continue reading with this brilliant new energy you can manifest whatever you desire.
It takes time and courage to become ourselves.
This is your time.
This is your year of reinvention.
Susan Miller ist die bekannteste Astrologin der Welt, an ihre Horoskope glauben Millionen.
Für uns hat sie einen Blick ins Jahr 2016 gewagt - mit erstaunlich präzisen Prognosen für alle Sternzeichen.
An ihre Horoskope, die auch den Zeitpunkt für die nächste Botox-Injektion vorhersagen, glauben Millionen.
Ihre Mutter sagte das Internet taurus 2018 predictions />Muss man nicht dran glauben.
Wir wollten es nur erwähnt taurus 2018 predictions />Ihre Beziehungen werden Ihnen helfen.
Astrologin Virginia Bell weiß mehr.
Egal, ob Karriere oder andere Herausforderungen: Auf die Superkraft des Steinbocks ist Verlass.
Laut Astrologin Virginia Bell wartet eine Menge Spaß und Romantik.
Das heißt auch - raus aus der Komfortzone.
Neuer Job, Liebe, Kind?
Etwas wird passieren, Sie haben keine Wahl.
Ihr Horoskop nach Virginia Bell.
Ihnen winkt Geld, wenn sie clever in Immobilien investieren - aber vielleicht auch eine Paartherapie.
Die Astrologin Virginia Bell prophezeit ein turbulentes Jahr.

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